• simple Point-Click and Drag & Drop editing
  • zoom and rotate
  • automated formula creation
  • automated mass calculation
  • database (later free global database)
  • presentation mode - notes, calculations and more
  • periodic table
  • plugin support (compiled C# plugins)
  • scripting support (run python scripts directly in app)
  • 3D view
  • chemistry calculations and simulations
  • automated structure detection and nomenclature
  • global free structure database

View the RoadMap on Trello

ChemLab Editor will support calculation and simulation plugins!
At the moment the plugin framewor is under development. Therefore no further information can be provided.

Check out more on the official GitLab project page!

Soon there will be full structures created!


The Periodic Table is nearly finished :)



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Problems with the program?
Bug-Tracking on GitLab follows soon

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GitLab link will be available soon



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